Refract Sales Development

The Situation

● Sales are won or lost in the conversations sellers are having with customers
● Better conversations equates to more successful sales outcomes
● Mistakes and missed opportunities in conversations, leads to revenue being left on the table.

The Problem

● Lots of conversations are taking place but companies have a lack of visibility at scale into 'what's going on'
● Managers/Coaches lack time to analyse and improve sales conversations
● Companies struggle to understand what separates their top performers from the rest.

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Refract, using AI, does the heavy lifting to solve this challenge. It transcribes, and analyzes all customer conversations, surfacing meaningful, revenue defining, moments.

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Insight is delivered on every call, such as questions asked, talk-time, and key words. Trends can be identified to model and replicate traits of top performers.

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Calls are searched to find most critical or meaningful conversations based on topics or keywords. Alerts/triggers created for coaches to give feedback on key calls.

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Playbooks can be created by building libraries of winning calls or call moments. Share best practices to help onboard and ramp new hires quicker than ever before.

Sales Coaching Handbook

In this book you'll learn what some of the top sales coaches do to achieve a better motivated and more focused sales force, and how you can take these techniques and apply them yourself.

Recordings into Revenue

Turn Sales Call Recordings into Revenue. Discover the untapped opportunities that exist within your sales call recordings, and how you can use these recordings to raise the performance of your sales team, and build revenue.

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