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Sales Manager? Think COACH instead

We believe a big part of a sales manager’s role is in the coaching of their team. Studies indicate about 50% of their time should be focused there.

Your sales manager is not there just to ‘manage’ and facilitate a team – they’re there to inspire, challenge, equip and provide accountability for the performance of your sales people. If you want to see growth in revenue, we believe the mindset around sales managers needs to move to more of a coaching role. And that takes training.

How do I switch my sales manager into a coach?

At SLP, we provide a toolkit of skills and ongoing support through our high performance sales coaching programmes. We develop customised coaching programmes for sales managers so they can continually upskill, refine and reflect on how their team does business. 

We look at any issues in your sales funnel, how to relate and guide team members, how to set expectations and expect results, all in an empowering and challenging way. Because improvements here mean big improvements in relating to your customers, meeting their needs and converting sales.  

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‘The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.’

Ronald Reagan

Your sales manager sets the tone

SLP professional sales coaching gives your sales manager a framework to work to, in guiding their sales people. Some sales managers may naturally have coaching abilities. Though many won’t know how to translate their sales ability into a coaching setting. 

Whatever your sales manager’s coaching ability, this course will hone, refine and empower them to connect with their team and ground them in solid and relatable sales principles. 

Better coaches always mean better sales teams. 

Your job? Give them the skills to coach.

Talk to SLP

What does our sales coaching programme look like?

It is a professionally guided programme where, ideally we would come on site and work directly with your sales manager. 

We start by understanding your company. A full analysis of your organisation – sales systems, process, pipeline and metrics, as well as your sales management and the sales team. This gives us the ability to customise our programme to your team, and deliver measurable success.

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How to become a successful sales coach

Understand why sales coaching is important

Even sales managers are unaware of what drives sales people to succeed – we illustrate why coaching is key.

Build a motivated sales team

Our sales coaching framework provides a step by step structure to support sales managers to coach sales teams – tools, timings, tips, to keep your team on top:

  • Create an empowered and confident team, not a dependent team
  • Discern when coaching is needed, when to encourage autonomy

Improve seller performance

Understanding how to coach individuals at critical times in the sales process – creating an environment where sales people feel challenged and enabled, not just left to meet quotas.

This touches on:

  • How to conduct sales coaching conversations
  • Key timings for sales coaching staff

Reduce sales employee turnover

By providing salespeople with direction, support and professional development, sales managers that rely on coaching will help reduce costly turnover for your business.

Increase sales coaching confidence

We provide practical training on how to coach through difficult conversations well, increasing both confidence and competence.

Sales manager tools

When you’ve used SLP for sales training sessions, your sales managers have access to these valuable tools: 

Coaching cards

An entire downloadable library of step by step coaching sessions (cards) are provided. Each session deals with a different sales topic and is designed to be used during sales meetings or at a one-on-one level.

Companion slides

Each coaching card is supported by a cloud-based set of slides with embedded videos.


Online access to a library of professionally produced and engaging short videos. These can be viewed on demand in any order.

Downloadable workbook

Salespeople can download their personal workbook from the e-learning platform in a writable PDF format.

We’re here to coach your coaches

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