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Are you and your Gold Coast team making as many sales as you could be? Are you networking, converting, upselling and cross-selling to the best of your ability? Are you fully capitalising on the sales opportunities that are currently available?

At SLP, we can help you to answer “yes” to all the above. No matter your business, your industry, or your sales experience, our sales training Gold Coast experts will coach your team on selling bigger and better - making the most of the opportunities at hand.

Sales training in Gold Coast, Australia

The sun, the sand, the sales. To the rest of Australia the Gold Coast is best known for theme parks, surfing and partying. But beneath the fun and flashy exterior is a thriving economy, fuelled by population growth that has been outpacing state and national averages for decades.

This economic growth brings near-endless opportunities to sell. Your team just needs a level of sales nous to match the opportunity. The experienced sales training experts at SLP are ready to deliver just that.

We’ve spent years training sales teams, filling salespeople’s pockets and making businesses more profitable. We teach a range of proven sales strategies and techniques that have been carefully crafted to level up your team’s sales skills. Such is the quality and effectiveness of our sales training that we have become the go-to sales training Gold Coast option for businesses looking to accelerate their growth.

Why choose SLP for sales training in Gold Coast?

  • We’re not just a sales training company: We see ourselves as partners in business growth – your success is our success. We take a long-term, results-oriented approach, delivering training that has an instant impact, while continuing to deliver long into the future.
  • Custom crafted training to suit your needs: It’s never a case of ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to business - we know that every enterprise and market is different, so we take the time to assess your team and develop a customised plan that addresses the specific issues and inefficiencies your team faces, ensuring quick and meaningful results.
  • The finest training tools: We use the world’s finest sales evaluation and candidate screening tools to ensure our assessments are as accurate, insightful and sales-specific as possible.
  • Global benchmarking: We offer sales training in Gold Coast and far beyond! We’ve evaluated 2+ million salespeople and 30,000+ companies across 200+ industries in 149 countries. Backed by a wealth of data, we know what success looks like and we know how to guarantee it.
  • Guaranteed success (or it’s free!): Speaking of guarantees, we not only develop KPIs and project the return of your sales training investment, we offer a 3x ROI guarantee. If you don't achieve an ROI of 300% from our training services, we continue to provide coaching at no charge until you reach that mark!

3x ROI guarantee

Types of sales training

No matter the shape and size of your business, or the industry or vertical you work within, our team of SLP sales training experts will deliver the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Team sales training in Gold Coast

Highly skilled sales teams are greater than the sum of their parts, with each member helping the others to be better. We teach this team-first approach, ensuring every salesperson – and ultimately your Gold Coast business – achieves the success that they are capable of.

B2B sales training in Gold Coast

B2B sales are a very different beast to B2C sales. This field therefore demands a unique and highly tuned set of skills; the ability to develop relationships, to escort customers through the sales funnel, and to keep those clients coming back for more. Our Gold Coast sales training experts are ready to coach your team to do exactly that.

Tailored training for your sales team

At SLP, we know that your sales team is unlike any other, and that a cookie-cutter approach to sales training simply won’t work. We get to know our clients in a deep and meaningful way, and customise our training to suit your current situation, as well as your needs, wants and ultimate goals.

We offer sales training in three main forms:

  • Sales seminars: Our expert trainers will guide you through a chosen sales topic in-person over a succession of half days. Combining the theoretical with the practical, these seminars are designed to build sales skills from the ground up.
  • Sales webinars: The digital equivalent of the seminars above, SLP sales webinars ensure remote or geographically isolated teams can enjoy the same levels of sales training as any other.
  • Workshops: Designed to address specific sales training needs, or to regularly refresh your team on key points within the seminar/webinar, our workshops are the shorter and more intensive training option, in which specific knowledge is delivered efficiently, whether online or in-person.

The topics covered in your seminar, webinar or workshop will be custom crafted to suit your circumstances. These topics can include:

  • Coaching
  • Review and analysis
  • Strategy
  • Pipeline and process
  • Negotiating
  • Sales recruitment
  • CRM-driven sales growth
  • Sales funnel strategy
  • Sales pitches and closing techniques.
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