IT & Software Sales Training

Is there any faster moving field than information technology? Our modern world is driven by hardware and software, forming the catalyst for innovation in every other industry. This makes IT and software an exciting yet daunting challenge for a salesperson.

The challenges IT salespeople face are many and varied. Each buyer has unique needs, each brings a different level of technical understanding, and each enjoys a wealth of choice. But the challenges are more than matched by the opportunities at hand – when done well, IT and software sales can be an incredibly lucrative business.

Your salespeople just need the right skills; skills that SLP information technology sales training provides.

What skills are needed for tech sales?

IT and software sales is the art of selling solutions. The best salespeople help customers overcome the natural human aversion to change, by demonstrating exactly how a new solution or approach will benefit the customer. With the right IT and software sales training, SLP can:

  • Improve organisational talent management to ensure you more effectively attract, hire, onboard and coach top IT sales talent.
  • Help your IT salespeople build their sales skills, including prospecting, presenting, negotiating and managing accounts.
  • Enhance your team’s ability to cross-sell, upsell and supply complete solutions.
  • Reveal a wealth of other opportunities for your team to meet their potential.

The best salespeople help customers overcome the natural human aversion to change, by demonstrating exactly how a new solution or approach will benefit the customer.

How can you improve your tech sales skills?

For the most part, success in IT and software sales is about engaging in consultative selling rather than transactional selling. In the process an IT salesperson may find that they are selling themselves as much as they are selling a solution, as understanding and trust plays a key part in getting larger sales across the line.

As such, improving IT and software sales skills is about understanding the opportunities at hand, the buyer-seller dynamic, and the soft skills that sales success demands. And at SLP, we’re experts in helping your sales team acquire these skills in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Benefits of tech sales training

If you need sales training for IT, why should you choose SLP?

  1. We’re not just a training company: We’re partners in sales growth. We’re result-oriented, we take a long-term view of tech sales training, and we mould our programs to suit your needs.
  2. Made to measure: We assess your team and develop a customised plan to target the training areas that will address your most pressing needs, to ensure quick and sustainable sales growth.
  3. The finest training tools: We use the world’s leading tool in sales team evaluations and sales candidate screening, ensuring our candidate and sales assessments are accurate and predictive.
  4. Global benchmarking: We have evaluated over 2 million salespeople and over 30,000 companies across 200+ industries in 149 countries. We know what success looks like and can use our extensive data to benchmark your team.
  5. Measurable results: We work with you to develop measurable and meaningful KPIs, creating healthy accountability that enhances sales performance. We not only project the return of your sales training investment, we offer a 3x ROI guarantee - if you don't achieve an ROI of 300% from our services, we continue to provide coaching at no charge until you reach your 3x ROI target.

Reach your 3x ROI target

Who is this IT sales training for?

Any business in the IT and software space, no matter its shape, size or vertical, will benefit from an SLP information technology sales training program. Having worked with over 30,000 companies across the world, we bring the breadth of experience and depth of expertise necessary to enhance your team’s tech sales skills.

How is the information technology sales training delivered?

At SLP we deliver IT and software sales training in three main ways:

  • Sales seminars: These in-person sessions see SLP trainers guiding your team through topics of your choice. Combining theoretical and practical elements, we upskill your sales team from a foundational level, in courses that tend to span a total of 2.5 days (usually spread over a succession of half days.)
  • Sales webinars: The online version of the seminar above, our webinars are ideal for geographically spread or otherwise remote sales teams.
  • Workshops: These intensive and targeted in-person or online training sessions are ideal for addressing specific needs, or to refresh your team on a previously completed SLP program.

What does our IT sales training include?

We customise all SLP sales training programs to suit our clients’ needs. We can cover a wealth of sales topics, including:

  • Coaching
  • Review and analysis
  • Strategy
  • Pipeline and process
  • IT and software sales recruitment
  • Using CRM to drive tech sales growth
  • Negotiation skills
  • NLP sales training
  • Virtual IT sales training
  • IT and software sales funnel and templates
  • IT and software sales techniques and pitches
  • IT and software sales closing techniques

89% of active sales leads are lost in the sales funnel

What does an IT sales professional do?

The main responsibility of an IT sales professional is to sell IT hardware, software and products to business and consumer clients. Doing so effectively demands a wealth of skills that are covered in an SLP information technology training program:

  • Finding prospects, converting them to clients, and developing long-term relationships.
  • Developing knowledge on the challenges customers face and the solutions you can offer.
  • Conveying this knowledge in a way that clients understand.
  • Upselling and cross-selling.
  • Negotiating prices and terms.

How do you learn technological sales?

If you want the best education, you need access to the best trainers. That’s where we come in.

SLP experts are ready to guide your team through any and every aspect of IT and software sales, arming your tech salespeople with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. We do so through a complete range of seminars, webinars and workshops that can be customised to suit your unique needs.

What makes a good tech salesperson?

For those hoping to build a successful tech sales team, what do the best IT salespeople look like? At SLP we have found that the best salespeople tend to be:

  • Problem-solvers
  • Driven and self-motivated
  • Resilient
  • Passionate
  • Honest and ethical
  • Great listeners and communicators
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If you’re ready to improve the performance of your IT and software sales team, we’re ready to help.

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