Sales Training

Sales training gives your team the skills to thrive

There’s an expectation that anyone with a good product can sell. ‘It sells itself’ they say. But the reality is so much more complex. Conveying the benefits of your product or service to even welcoming recipients can be a challenge, let alone to a market wary of being sold to.

There are so many levels to refining a sales process, and we believe sales training is the very best way to have your team running at top gear, using their time as effectively as possible and delivering profit.

On average our clients increase their sales profits 37% after working with us

What do we do at SLP?

We deliver sales training & coaching solutions customised to the specific needs of your business. To work out the best approach we: 

  • Run an evaluation process with you - looking at the sales pipeline, systems, processes, and metrics
  • Analyse the sales management experience in your team
  • Look at the geographical spread of your people
  • Provide a thorough learning outcome within your budget

Our blended learning is delivered in bite size chunks on a regular basis to ensure you get behavioural change and sales growth. 

What exactly is sales training?

From an SLP perspective, sales training is upskilling sales teams with tools to help them become more productive salespeople. That might include:

  • Developing sales strategies
  • Refining the sales process
  • Encouraging confidence
  • Streamlining the amount of paperwork and time spent on admin 
  • Developing client relationships
  • Building negotiation skills
  • Prospecting good leads
  • Getting a response from those prospects
  • Closing deals
  • Engaging multiple decision makers 
  • Avoiding discounting
  • Connecting via phone
  • Incorporating social media into the sales process
  • Using CRM to drive sales growth
  • Utilising sales funnels effectively

There’s no one standard recipe to sales training. Our difference is that we customise our tools and programmes to fit your team and the way you work. 

Who should take our sales training?

We believe any business with a sales team component would get a lot of benefit from our courses and ongoing coaching. We have successfully coached sales people, sales managers and marketing staff in the past – small and medium sized businesses, as well as large corporate teams.

The beauty of our programs is that we scale and cater to the needs of your business – our programs are adaptable and personalised, not out of the box. 

Why is sales training important? 

We believe professional sales training can take your business to the next level. But don’t take our word for it – companies with highly engaged teams achieve a 21% increase in profitability.

The importance of proper training has been proven in many studies over the years – and it’s a known fact in HR departments too. Training shows your staff you value them, the role they provide, and want them to succeed in it. 

Done in the right way, sales training creates more engaged staff. A team that buys into their role, serves their customers well, and takes pride in the work they do.

What should you expect from our sales training?

To provide you with the best possible sales coaching, we are thorough and look into all facets of your sales process and team structure. It allows us to create a thorough and customised plan for your business. 

  1. Sales team review: Objectively assess your sales team to ensure we know where to focus our training and coaching support.
  2. Sales assessment: Reviewing sales systems, process, pipeline and metrics.

From there we can dive into more specifics 

  1. Delivery: Expect a healthy mix of face to face coaching sessions, e-learning and regular video coaching to ensure you get behavioural change over time.


Outline of the growth you should expect to get from the investment in sales development through SLP..

How do we deliver sales training?

It all depends on the scale and location of your team, but can include: 

  • In person coaching sessions 
  • Online sales assessment apps
  • E-learning
  • Video sessions
  • Keynote speakers

What sales training services do you offer? 

We offer these, and more: 

  • Sales Team Evaluations 
  • Sales Team Training 
  • Executive Consulting 
  • Leadership Evaluations 
  • Leadership Training 
  • Candidate Screening 
  • Zoom Direct Conferencing 
  • Refract Sales Development 
  • Star Sales Academy

How long does sales training take?

We see the most integrated results in sales teams when a company takes us on for regular sessional training over a period of months. That said we offer:

  • Short courses
  • Ongoing training periods eg. 3-6 month plan
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Onboarding training programmes
  • Strategy sessions

We promise measurable results

Your time with SLP will be well spent. We understand it’s a big investment for you and we promise to deliver. 

We provide a full analysis and an actionable plan for your sales organisation, so you can see direct results from whatever level of training we provide. 

Trust us to deliver – we are sales growth partners not just a training company