Medical Sales Training

How to sell in the world of health

Whether you have recent graduates, new salespeople, or a longterm team you’d like to upskill, we have provided many specialised medical sales training courses that streamline your way to getting more profit from your sales funnel

We’ve worked over the years with many companies, training their sales teams, helping upskill their people for new product launches, and guiding them through industry changes. 

We provide two streams of medical sales training. Before your training sessions begin, your we will work with you to customise and shape the programmes to work specifically for you, so you can see clear and measurable change over the coming months.

Training for new medical representatives

  • Master a basic understanding of the medical device sales industry
  • Learn how to navigate the hospital and operating room selling environment
  • Understand why a medical device rep is important
  • Understand the different types of reps
  • Who your clinical selling points are
  • How to understand and navigate contracts
  • Understand legal requirements and reporting

Training for experienced medical representatives

  • Looking for leads
  • Providing a solution to their problem
  • Keeping the communication channels open
  • Accessing the decision maker
  • Finding a gap in a time-poor market
  • Establishing ongoing relationship
  • Working through conflict
  • Closing a sale well
  • Consistent follow up
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We understand the industry and work alongside you to craft a training programme that meets your needs exactly, and speaks to the key issues you’re seeing in your sales funnel or team dynamics.

Get the tools for the job

As part of the training programme we will provide industry-specific sales templates, tools, and scripts that your team can adapt and use: 

  • Sales quote templates
  • Sales target templates
  • Sales email templates
  • Sales script templates
  • Sales analysis templates

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