Retail Sales Training

Perfecting the art of retail sales 

When it comes to sales, you can never stop learning. Even the very best retail sellers have the potential to refine what they’re doing and turn more browsers into buyers.

Retail selling has had a massive shake-up in the last year, and really, it’s been building for the past five years as so much of our commerce is now online. 

Despite that, there’s still a need to shop in-store – and when people do, you need to show there is value in the in-store experience. In-store, you’re the added extra, the advice, service and atmosphere that’s not available online. 

SLP provides specific retail sales training, giving your team on-the-floor skills and sales techniques that help close the deal, respond to customer behaviours, and build ongoing store rapport. 

What type of training do you need? 

We offer two retail sales training programmes – a new salesperson training package as well as an experienced course for your long-term salespeople.

Our point of difference is that we customise our training packages to meet your needs specifically. We’ll meet with you prior to training and work out the key areas you want to see developed.

Training for new salespeople

  • Creating a welcome
  • Developing personal awareness
  • Building rapport quickly
  • Questions to ask
  • What not to say
  • Level of interaction with shoppers
  • Guiding people to a decision
  • Upselling without pushing

Training for experienced salespeople 

  • Understanding buyer triggers
  • Building ongoing service and rapport
  • Questioning well
  • Guiding without pushing
  • Framework for conflict resolution
  • Security and safety
  • Performance appraisals
  • Leading a team
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Get results from your training sessions

We want to see learning, behaviour change, and ongoing results from your team, which is why we incorporate follow up sessions after our training programmes. 

It gives us a chance to test their learning, and your team a chance to clarify any tools that they’ve used out on the floor. It solidifies the training, giving you a much better return on investment. 

Key course components

  • Relating to customers authentically
  • Guiding the purchase
  • Proven closing techniques
  • Managing conflict
  • Upselling well

Get the tools for the job

As part of the training programme we will provide industry specific retail sales tools, templates, and scripts that your team can adapt and use:

  • Sales report templates
  • Sales goals templates
  • Sales script templates
  • Sales marketing templates
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