Who Are We

Our name, Sales and Leadership Performance, spells out a little of what we do. We're a team passionate about sharing the skills we've honed through the years working in and around sales teams.

Many of our team have worked directly in sales manager roles for small to mid-sized Australian businesses. We know the challenges you face intimately – and each of us came to this business wanting to see sales done better. 

What does that mean?

Well, we believe there can be a lot of time and energy wasted in this side of a business, and we want to see sales teams of the future not making the same mistakes we’ve seen over and over again that limit growth, restrict vision, and generally make sales not a joyful space to be in.

We want your company to flourish

We want to see you create a winning sales team and high performing business leaders, through our customised sales programs and coaching. 

  • We work with leaders to give a greater understanding of their sales systems, processes and people
  • We want to help you streamline your process, encourage a stronger sales culture, and see your profits climbing

Our passion to see change is the heart of our business and we hope you’ll join us in creating real change for your business.