B2B Sales Training

Getting B2B sales done right

Let’s talk business. B2B sales is a specialist field and needs specialist B2B training, rather than general sales training. 

You want to invest in training and equipping your team to drive revenue? But how do you know your sales training is going to be worth it? 

Not all training is created equal. At SLP we focus on long-term change. We’re not walk in, walk out trainers hoping that all the best bits rubbed off in the one-day session and the team is transformed. 

We’ve never seen that work well – any change takes time, effort, and focus.

Key course components

  • Getting the appointment
  • Researching your customer
  • Targeting the right person
  • Your unique selling proposition
  • Proven closing techniques

It doesn’t have to be daunting and expensive

We work with you to figure out the key areas you’re looking to improve. This can be done through our sales assessment service. Then we create a customised training programme made-to-measure for your team focussing on those B2B essential skills. 

That might sound costly – but in all honesty, it’s a more targeted approach, training on the specifics and giving your team the usable skills they need. Targeted training saves on time and focuses directly on the need, rather than covering everything very basically.

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Find the best B2B sales training for your sales team.

How do you run B2B training programmes? 

Ideally we’d work in person with your team over several sessions, or an ongoing period. Though we can easily incorporate webinar training as well, to include team members working in different locations.

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Seeing results from your training sessions

We want to see learning, behaviour change, and ongoing results from your team, which is why we incorporate follow up sessions after our training programmes. 

It gives us a chance to test their learning, and your team a chance to clarify any tools that they’ve used out on the job. It solidifies the training, giving you a much better return on investment.

Get the tools for the job

As part of the training programme we will provide industry specific B2B sales tools, templates, and scripts that your team can adapt and use: 

  • Sales quote templates
  • Sales target templates
  • Sales email followup templates
  • Sales script templates
  • Sales playbooks

Know what your sales team goals are?

We can be the driver to get you there

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