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Have you got a sales strategy?

Get executive consulting support on developing a strategy for growth.

We work with CEOs and business owners to provide executive consulting services, helping you develop, refine and implement growth strategies.

Where are you headed? 

Creating a plan or a strategy for where your sales should be headed and what goals you want to achieve seems a given for any business. 

But the reality of the day-to-day grind, all the business of running a business, and usually many hours overtime, mean many owners and sales managers don’t get the headspace to put a solid sales strategy in place for their company, or at least redefine the one they wrote when they started out! 

The sales market is constantly moving. Buying behaviour evolves, new sales trends emerge and competition just keeps coming into the market. Before you know it, your sales methods are falling behind, and your profits are either taking a dive or just not being maximised. 

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'Success is the sum of small efforts repeated, day in and day out.’

Robert Collier

A sales strategy gives you a purpose to work towards

Get direction on where you and your sales team are headed with a pinpointed sales strategy. It’ll provide measurable goals. A plan for growth. And when it’s regularly reassessed it’ll refine and simplify the way you do business, highlighting areas of growth and cutting away the distractions and time-sucks that don’t fall in line with the goal you’ve outlined.

It’s a guideline. A map. A plan of attack. And we can help you redefine it.

What we look at integrating into your strategy

  • Sales process development
  • Business plan development
  • Role clarity for the sales team
  • Clarity on target market and who your ideal client is
  • Defining your distinctive capabilities and how you use them to differentiate value over your competition
  • Territory management
  • Development of key metrics
  • Sales incentives/compensation development
  • Sales recruitment and onboarding process
  • Support implementing or customising CRMs for sales growth

We guide you through the steps of forming a sales strategy and measurable goals, so you can have an active and integrated plan of attack for your team to use and remain accountable to.  

How your sales strategy can increase revenue

If the majority of your profits are made off sales, training your sales people well is the key way to achieve your goals and increase your profits. They’re your biggest asset. 

Most businesses might at least give their sales people a quick course, and leave them to it. But unless that person is a sales genius, that kind of strategy (or lack of) will never deliver great results. 

Sales training offers your sales people the skills, knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to improve efficiency and productivity, and in turn increase your profit.

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The key levers for lifting your sales strategy

Improve productivity

Maximise your sales team’s productivity while minimising the resources used – time, effort, cost – to help you increase your sales. It’s about increasing time spent selling by reducing time spent on tedious activities, learning products and services, and researching. 

Give your team the right tools from the start – professional onboarding and ongoing training – which will help them refine the way they sell and streamline the way they manage time. It all leads to enhanced productivity, more sales secured, and increased profit for your business.

Enhancing sales skills

Your sales people need effective techniques. It’s a honed craft, not a talent you’re born with! Luckily enough, it can be taught.

Sales training offers your team tools to secure sales and long-term customers – sales techniques, strategies, refining of strengths and weaknesses – so they can yield the highest return for their time spent

Using this training to strategically upskill your team, helps them keep up with changes in buyer behaviour. Things have moved considerably in the last few years, and ongoing training helps your team adapt and thrive in an ever-changing sales environment.

Improving soft skills

Sales training not only helps your sales people learn how to effectively prospect, negotiate, and close deals, but it also improves their soft skills as well.

Purchasers don’t want a sales pitch, they want connection, honesty, and to be looked after throughout the sales process. A focus on soft skills like communication, empathy, integrity, decision making, and focus can lead to better performance because all of these skills come into play in sales. 

Without these skills your sales people will flounder. Working regularly on these soft skills will strongly impact their ability to sell well.

Building confidence

Confidence sells. Sales people who aren’t confident in their skills won’t perform well. Potential customers can be put off by the hesitation or lack of follow-through. They want to be confidently lead to purchase. Without confidence a sales person will often stop at the first sign of rejection, yet reading where a customer is at and continuing the conversation could have closed the deal.  

Help your sales representatives build their confidence, communication, empathy, and assertiveness through sales training with SLP professional sales training programs.

Increasing motivation

Sales is a high-pressure job with a lot of rejection. It can lead to frustration and lack of motivation in your team members. But ongoing sales training is a way to refresh your team, their perspectives, and encourage them on to the next success. 

We use authentic team-building activities, and develop a space for accountability and morale growth, so you can see clear results in your people, and your profit. 

What are the biggest challenges to your sales people? 

Establishing strong sales relationships and closing deals is difficult work. Here are some of the common challenges your people face, and the mistakes they can make in approaching them.

The key difference with SLP? 

We train, but we don’t walk away. A quick one or two sessions of training are going to affect very little about the way you do business. 

But ongoing, integrated sales training that becomes part of your company culture, will become the building block of your success. Without your sales team, there would be no success in your business. They are your greatest asset – so value them well, and invest in them.

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