Sales Seminars

Seminars are ideal for larger team groups.

Best held in person, one of our SLP trainers will lead your team through the topic, with the opportunity for questioning and discussion within the session too. It’s more formal in style than a workshop session, but there are still some very practical aspects to it. 

Seminars generally run over multiple days as half-day sessions, though we can easily adapt to meet your working requirements. We can host these seminars using video conferencing, though the team networking dynamic is often a very valuable part of the seminar process.

Our seminar format is usually used to upskill your team on a foundational level of sales training.  

Seminar topics

  • Coaching 
  • Review and analysis
  • Strategy
  • Pipeline and process
  • Sales recruitment
  • Using CRM to drive sales growth
  • Negotiation skills
  • NLP sales training
  • Virtual sales training
  • Sales funnel
  • Sales templates
  • Sales techniques
  • Sales pitches
  • Closing sales techniques

Seminars usually contain about 2.5 days worth of content.

These can be broken down into several sessions across a week, so your team is still available to work.

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