Sales Ghost Calculator

How to avoid adding sales ghosts to your team

Hiring the wrong people is incredibly costly - particularly in a sales role where they have a direct impact on your customers. 

So what actually is a sales ghost? 

A sales ghost is a person who looks like a sales person, sounds like a sales person, often knows how to sell... but just doesn’t do it. 

It usually ends up in redundancy or them being asked to leave because of lack of sales performance. 

The problem

It costs a lot of money to hire, onboard and train a sales person only to have them leave. In fact ghost sales people can have a big impact on the team dynamic, and can cost you dearly for years to come.  

When you consider their salary you’ve paid, training and coaching expenses, the cost of hiring them, as well as the cost of opportunity they’ve crushed due to their lack of sales action - it all stacks up. Depending on the situation and cost of lost opportunities, studies show sales hiring mistake estimates run between $100,000 to over $1,000,000. 

Here’s how to avoid those mistakes

Use our sales ghost calculator, to see how much ghosts have cost you over the years.