System Assessment

A sales assessment is a roadmap for growth 

Time for a check up?

When was the last time you looked analytically at how you’re selling and where any hold ups might be? 

The wheels of business need to keep turning of course, but it often means there’s no chance to take a step back and objectively assess just how you’re doing things. Yet, just that, can be the kickstart your business needs to reach its full potential. 

At SLP we’re specialists in systems assessments – getting to the nitty gritty of how your sales process and team dynamics can be refined into a purer, more productive form.

Why assessing sales systems is important

A systems assessment gives your business the opportunity to determine if your current sales team and management are working as productively as they could be. 

It’s not a measure of laziness! But instead a revealing of where energy is best spent in leading to sales. A litmus test essentially to see where aspects of the business and its behaviours might be slightly off kilter and halting sales growth. 

It also reveals how to streamline the hiring process to ensure only the best candidates are hired from the start. System assessments refine what you’re looking for in your team, revealing key skill sets that will help build and bolster your sales force. 

Without frequent assessments, your business is at risk of weakening without you noticing. Stagnation is an easy place to sit, sales ticking over but not excelling – but growth takes focus and attention. 

Two major benefits of a sales assessment

  1. It will determine if your current sales team is functioning at high-performance levels
  2. It will help you recruit top-performing sales reps so you can yield a higher ROI

These two benefits work together to create the ultimate sales team – a group of people who are motivated, determined, and equipped with the characteristics needed to boost sales and grow your business. 

Without these assessments you have a limited view of your business and the key skills needed, which makes the hiring process feel like a guessing game, and evaluating employee performances becomes increasingly difficult.

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Our clients typically improve their sales 37% within the first 12 months of working with us.

What does a sales system assessment involve?

Over a day we come and meet with the key sales management people in your team, to work through a very thorough review of all you do and why you do it. 

We review your sales systems and process, the sales growth strategy, the pipeline quality, as well as the key metrics you are measuring and what you do with the data. Our aim is to outline key areas for change so you can see quick and sustainable sales growth. 

We use a market-leading sales assessment tool that provides us with a very thorough structure and sales analysis templates to assess your performance. It has the ability to scale depending on your business size, and delivers very attuned metrics in line with global best practice, which we then help you develop a plan for change with. 

We also assess how you might bring new sales people into the business and support them to ramp up quickly to grow sales and give a return on the investment.

It’s also crucial that we assess sales management to ensure that the team has access to structured coaching, accountability and motivation from a leader with the skills to bring out the best in each team member.

It’s thorough, it’s very open, and at times it might seem a little confronting – but the results speak for themselves in terms of team performance. No pain, no gain, right? 

Setting you up with an actionable plan

The key difference about working with SLP is the time we put into customising a plan for you. A one size fits all approach never delivers the best outcome. Which is why we focus on working with you to understand your goals and desires for your business, for your team, and the scale you’re wanting to operate at. 

Our assessment findings are delivered as an easy to digest snapshot of where you are currently, and we provide a customised action plan also – along with coaching support from SLP to make it a reality. 

Having worked with over 300 CEOs and business owners across Australia and NZ, we know their common frustration is not knowing where to start to drive sales growth.

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The first step to your growth is a thorough sales assessment

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