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Sales should never just tick over. Your business should always be looking for sales growth. But to find these opportunities, you first need to gain a deep understanding of where you’re at.

When you aren’t feeling 100% you will seek professional help. You’ll see a doctor, gain a diagnosis and often take a prescription in order to get better. The same goes for when your business isn’t performing at its peak. If you aren’t achieving your goals, you should seek professional help, gain an accurate diagnosis, then find the cure for whatever is impacting your growth.

In business we can expend so much energy and effort finding the next sale that we don’t often zoom out and objectively assess the effectiveness of our broader approach. But when we do we inevitably find areas of improvement which can lead to the sales team and the business as a whole hitting numbers that they haven’t hit before.

At SLP we specialise in sales assessments. We assess individuals through sales team assessments, analysing things like mindset, skillset, prospecting, closing and consultative selling. We also assess on an organisational level with sales management and leadership assessments, analysing skill set, sales DNA, and the ability to coach, motivate and hold a team accountable.

An SLP sales assessment, whether individual or organisational, is designed to answer a simple question: are you making sales as efficiently and effectively as you could be? If the answer is no, our assessments will explain exactly what you need to do to turn that into a yes.

What are sales assessments?

An SLP sales assessment is designed to reveal areas of improvement in your sales team, sales management team, and the systems and processes that support your team and deliver on your strategy.

Without regularly holding a mirror up to your sales approach, your business will do what it’s always done which can see it weaken over time. In such a competitive field as sales, you’ll be standing still while others evolve, grow and overtake you. 

In this situation you can be unaware of the skills and experience your sales team lacks, which can make hiring a game of gut feel and guesswork. It also makes evaluating the performance of sales employees a difficult task.

Our sales assessments are designed to stop this all too common rot. They highlight aspects of your business’s and team’s sales approach that are inhibiting growth, and reveal how your energy would be best spent in fixing these inefficiencies.

SLP sales assessments can even reveal how to streamline and enhance the hiring process to quickly identify and hire the very best sales professionals. Our system assessments define the skills and experience that will build and bolster your sales team.

An SLP sales assessment offers three major benefits:

  • It determines if your current sales team is performing as well as they could be.
  • It helps you attract the top-performing sales reps you need to increase your bottom line.
  • It provides your business with a roadmap on what you need to do differently to align with global best practice.

By regularly assessing your sales approach you build the ultimate sales team – one that is skilled, experienced, supportive, complementary and highly motivated.

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What does an assessment test consist of?

SLP sales assessments are designed to offer you a thorough and entirely transparent view of your current sales situation.

Sales management assessment

Our sales management assessments take in the broadest possible view of your sales management situation to identify systemic issues.

During the debrief phase we will meet with the key sales managers and stakeholders within your organisation over the course of a half day, to build a clear and holistic picture of what you do and why you do it. We review sales systems and processes, growth strategies, pipeline quality, KPIs and your current in-house assessment processes.

Our main aim is to identify key areas of improvement: those that will result in both quick wins and sustainable sales growth.

We use a market-leading sales assessment tool that delivers a thorough breakdown of your sales performance. We scale our approach to suit your business, whatever its size or situation, and deliver highly tuned metrics that align with global best practices.

Sales team assessment

We can also assess your sales approach at an individual level. Creating the best possible sales team demands ongoing investment in your sales professionals. We identify areas of improvement – communication, presentation, research, goal-setting and more – then advise you on the structured training and coaching each team member needs to transform into the best salesperson they can be.

We also analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your current team to identify the most transformative sales talent you could add. We’ll outline the talent you need to quickly achieve a return on your investment and increase your bottom line.

Our sales assessments lay your current sales approach bare. They are thorough, open and at times a little confronting… but the results speak for themselves.

Creating an actionable plan

Why work with SLP? We not only offer deep and transparent sales assessments, we also develop a plan of action that turns assessment insights into real improvement.

One-size-fits-all plans never deliver truly ground-breaking outcomes because every business and sales team is unique. Following the assessment process we will customise a plan for you: one that takes into account the goals and desires of your business and team, and delivers the training you need.

The best bit about SLP training? This is one of those rare investments that offers a guaranteed return! If you don't achieve an ROI of 300% from our post-assessment training services, we continue to provide coaching at no charge until you do!

We have worked with hundreds of CEOs and business owners across Australia and New Zealand. The most common frustration we hear? Not knowing how to drive sales growth, or indeed where to start.

SLP sales assessments and training offer exactly that. 

How to choose the best sales assessment for your company

You’ve reached the end of yet another sales quarter without reaching your sales goals. What might the issue be? If you can rule out external factors, the only answer is that the issue lies within the four walls of your organisation. But is it with your sales team? Your approach to sales management? Your sales systems and processes? Your sales recruitment?

Some sales assessment providers will ask you to diagnose this yourself – to choose a specific sales assessment tool from the selection they offer. But at SLP our holistic approach takes this weight off your shoulders, by:

  • Building a clear and complete picture of your sales approach.
  • Identifying the sales assessments that align with your situation, needs and goals.
  • Utilising targeted, proven and market leading sales assessments that deliver meaningful insights.
  • Developing an actionable plan based on our findings.

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