Sales Star Academy

Is your sales team working from home and have additional availability to upskill their sales skillset? If you answered yes to this question, we recommend that you consider our Sales Star Academy.   Feedback since we launched this program earlier this year is that our clients are getting a ROI within 1-2 weeks! Below is an overview of the content made available to you and your team.

Everything you need to develop your team...

Wherever you are, wherever they are, live or virtually. Here are all the resources you will have access to.

  • STAR Consultative Selling (Salespeople and Manager Access)
  • STAR Negotiator (Salespeople and Manager Access)
  • STAR Account Manager (Salespeople and Manager Access)
  • Regular Series of Webinars (Salespeople and Manager Access)
  • Coaching Kits for STAR Consultative Selling, Negotiator and Account Manager (Manager Access)
  • STAR Strategy (Manager Access)
  • Panic Button, Free 15 Minute Consultations with an Expert (Manager Access)

Everything you need for your personal development...

Wherever you are, you have access to all the resources you will need to transform your personal sales success.

  • STAR Consultative Selling (Salespeople Access)
  • STAR Negotiator (Salespeople Access)
  • STAR Account Manager (Salespeople Access)
  • Regular Series of Webinars (Salespeople Access)

Critical Strategy Resources

Build an effective sales strategy and process that will guide you through the toughest of times. Reverse engineer your success, identify key KPIs, hone in on your ideal target market and develop your strategic messaging. These will allow you to grow an unfair share of your market.

World Class Knowledge for your Team

Our online content has all the techniques your sales team need to secure, negotiate and retain clients. They get access to our 3 premier video courses. All of which include workbooks/templates, assessment and certification. To grow your sales you need to grow your people, and we've made it a whole lot easier.

Coaching Kit for you

We provide sales leaders a coaching kit that allows you to develop your team on a weekly or even daily basis. You will be able to lead and coach your team to success and give them the skills that they need to get an edge on your competition. The best thing about this is that it can all be done remotely, without any live workshops.

Access to Experts

Wherever you are in the world, you can get access to our world class sales coaches and strategists. You can go to them when you need help with anything sales related.

A community of peers

Join our overgrowing community of people just like you, in the same situations, facing the same challenges. This is a forum to ask questions, provide answers and grow through shared experience.

Live Webinars

Tap into our regular live and interactive webinars to gain specialist and leading edge tips, tools and insights. This is the perfect way to become a lifelong learner and sharpen the skills you need to operate in the fast paced digital era.

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Want to know more?

STAR Consultative Selling:

STAR Consultative Selling is the ultimate online programme for increasing your sales effectiveness. STAR Consultative Selling will guide you through developing your own comprehensive sales strategy, tailored to your target market - from the very start of the sales process to the close. This programme is for any sales professional that wants to increase margins, improve conversion rates, increase buyer motivation, reduce sales cycles and have more profitable conversations with prospects.

STAR Account Manager:

Winning a new customer is only the beginning. Keeping a loyal client gives us greater sales revenue at a much lower cost. STAR Account Manager offers valuable insights to help you to service your clients, ensure expectations are met, retain your clients and help them grow.

STAR Negotiator:

This programme comes loaded with 34 negotiation tactics, including buyer tactics - how to identify them and how to counter them. Learn the 7 Laws of Negotiation, the process used by hostage negotiators and how we can adapt this to commercial negotiations. Discover principles around the different types of negotiators, how to negotiate in groups and much, much more. STAR Negotiator is your key to improving profitability even in competitive situations.