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Small business owners are asked to wear a number of hats: director, manager, accountant, marketer, and perhaps most important of all, salesperson.

Sales are the lifeblood of your business - without them your venture will wither and die. While you may have plans to eventually hire a team of salespeople, you first have to grow your business to that point. Until then the responsibility of selling lies with you.

Being an effective salesperson is about arming yourself with the sales-specific knowledge and skills you need to succeed… which is exactly what we deliver at SLP.

What are the sales skills required for a small business owner?

Small business owners bring a unique level of passion for and knowledge of the products and services they offer. All you require are the sales skills and techniques that can ensure this passion and knowledge is capitalised on in a way that converts prospects to customers. The sales training consultants at SLP can help you to:

  • Develop an insight-driven sales approach that showcases your expertise.
  • identify and convert opportunities to cross-sell, upsell and more.
  • Enhance your sales skills at every stage of the sales funnel: prospecting, qualifying, consulting, negotiating and closing.
  • Reveal untapped opportunities for growth.
  • Unleash your hidden sales potential.
  • Develop a modern marketing strategy designed to achieve your organisational goals.

Small business owners bring a unique level of passion for and knowledge of the products and services they offer.

How can you improve your sales skills for your small business?

The most important element of your small business is you, the owner. Therefore one of the best investments you can make in your business is an investment in yourself.

The most direct and impactful way to improve your sales skills is through custom training delivered by a team of sales experts – which is where we come in. At SLP we craft sales training that addresses your most pressing needs, and gives you the knowledge and skills that will allow you to grow your business more efficiently and effectively than ever before. 

We also offer sales training for business consultants who work with small businesses; knowledge that you can either use yourself or pass onto your clients.

Benefits of sales training for a small business owner

Why choose SLP sales training for small business?

  1. We’re not just a training company: We’re partners in sales growth. We’re result-oriented, we take a long-term view of sales training for small businesses, and we mould our programs to suit your needs.
  2. Made to measure: We assess your team and develop a customised plan to target the training areas that will address your most pressing needs, to ensure quick and sustainable sales growth.
  3. The finest training tools: We use the world’s leading tool in sales team evaluations and sales candidate screening, ensuring our candidate assessments are accurate, predictive and sales-specific.
  4. Global benchmarking: We have evaluated over 2 million salespeople and over 30,000 companies across 200+ industries in 149 countries. We know what success looks like and can use our extensive data to benchmark your team.
  5. Measurable results: We work with you to develop measurable and meaningful KPIs, creating healthy accountability that enhances sales performance. We not only project the return of your sales training investment, we offer a 3x ROI guarantee - if you don't achieve an ROI of 300% from our services, we continue to provide coaching at no charge until you reach your 3x ROI target. 

3x ROI guarantee

Who is this small business sales training for?

Any small business, no matter its shape or industry, can benefit from SLP’s small business sales training. By taking advantage of our services you gain access to the knowledge and expertise that we’ve developed while working with over 30,000 companies globally over the course of our storied history.

How is the small business sales training delivered?

We deliver sales training for business owners in three ways:

  1. Sales seminars: Usually 2.5 days long, spread over a series of half days, SLP sales seminars see our experts guiding you through the theory and practice of sales, beginning with fundamentals and building from there.
  2. Sales webinars: If in-person training isn’t possible, we can deliver our sales seminar as a webinar.
  3. Workshops: Do you have specific sales training needs you want to address? Shorter and more intensive, our workshops are custom-crafted and ultra-impactful.

What does our small business sales training include?

SLP small business sales training programs are customised to your needs, covering a wealth of subjects including:

  • Coaching, review and analysis
  • Strategy, pipeline and process
  • Using your CRM to drive sales growth
  • Negotiation skills
  • NLP sales training
  • Virtual sales training
  • Sales funnel and templates
  • Sales techniques and closing pitches

Transform your sales results in 9 simple steps

Why sales training is important for small business

Amongst the wealth of other costs and concerns you face as a small business owner, investing in sales training might feel like it comes some way down your priority list. But in reality this is the wisest of investments; the sort that can result in a significant and almost immediate return.

By investing in SLP small business sales training, you’ll open up a world of sales opportunities you may not have realised existed. Your revenue increases, your business grows, and your need to wear that endless procession of hats diminishes. Eventually you can trade working in your business for working on your business.

Why is it important for a small business to learn about sales?

Many small business owners fail to see sales as the science that it is. There’s real strategy, skill and technique to making sales which extends far beyond cold calling or paying for Facebook ads. By understanding the art of sales you maximise them, and at SLP we can help you get there.

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If you’re ready to enhance your sales skills, we’re ready to help.

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