Why work with SLP? 

If you’re experiencing struggles in your sales team or just can’t seem to break through barriers to growth, you need a sales partner you can trust to understand your business and deliver results. 

We’re here now and for the long-term to keep you set on a pathway of success. 

Sales growth partners not just a training company

We partner with you to ensure that you are targeting areas that will give you quick and sustainable sales growth. By objectively assessing your sales team and managers, as well as the sales systems, process, pipeline and metrics, we can help you align these to best global practice and what works efficiently for your company. We’ll put in place a customised action plan, and support you to make it a reality. 

Having worked with over 300 CEOs and business owners across Australia and NZ, we know the common frustration is not knowing where to start to drive sales growth – we’re here to make it happen.

Sales development and coaching made to measure

We customise our training & coaching solutions to your team’s specific needs, based on the results of the evaluation process, management experience, the geographical location of the team and your budget.

World-leading tools for growth 

We use the pioneer and industry leading tool in sales force evaluations and sales candidate screening – voted Top Sales & Marketing Assessment Tool for 9 years running. 

We use it because it’s more thorough and adaptable than any other product we’ve seen on the market – and the top results we’ve delivered our clients have all come through this programme. 

Our candidate assessments are the best available on the market. Accurate, predictive and sales specific. We use Predictive Validity as our tool, as it correlates to on the job performance. We can provide candidate assessments for sales, sales management and sales leadership, and offer several levels of customization at no additional cost.

Ability to globally benchmark your sales team

We have evaluated over 1,883,525 sales people, over 28,442 companies, across 200+ industries, 111 countries and assisted with over 73,000 sales hires. We have a clear understanding of what sales success looks like and can benchmark your team against your industry peers both in Australia and globally, so you can set real and achievable targets.

Measurable results

That’s our brand promise and our commitment to you. We will work closely with you to develop measurable and meaningful KPIs and provide healthy accountability to increase your performance.

We will help you to calculate your ROI to ensure that partnering with us makes financial sense.

Our clients typically increase their sales by 37% within 12 months of working with us