Media Sales Training

A couple of decades ago media was a relatively simple world of print, broadcast and outdoor advertising. Today it has exploded into a universe of digital options, each with their own channels, tools, metrics and target demographics. The industry has fast become one of the most challenging for salespeople to succeed in, with endless complexity its defining trait.

That said, media sales are increasingly lucrative. This sudden bevy of options means that almost everyone is a potential customer, with skilled salespeople enjoying incredible opportunities.

The challenge for your media business is to help your team acquire the necessary skills. Enter SLP media sales training.

What are the sales skills required for media?

In the world of media, salespeople sell themselves as much as they sell products and services, as the best salespeople offer clarity within the endless complexity. Through our traditional and digital media sales training, SLP can:

  • Help your sales team showcase their expertise by developing an insight-driven approach.
  • Encourage upselling, cross-selling and proactive selling to drive demand for your products and services.
  • Enhance your team’s sales funnel skills from end-to-end: prospecting, consultation, closing and client relationship development.
  • Reveal business growth opportunities that currently remain untapped.
  • Help your media sales team reach their potential.

In the world of media, salespeople sell themselves as much as they sell products and services, as the best salespeople offer clarity within the endless complexity.

How can you improve your sales skills in the media industry?

Your business needs to make an appropriate level of investment in your sales team if they are to improve their skills. But by granting them access to the training they need, you’ll help them to identify more opportunities, understand how to generate and close sales, and create the sort of long-term client relationships that result in long-term business success. Our custom training, delivered by a team of sales experts, offers all that and more.

Benefits of sales training in the media industry

Why choose SLP traditional and digital media sales training?

  1. We’re not just a training company: We’re partners in sales growth. We’re result-oriented, we take a long-term view of media sales training, and we mould our programs to suit your needs.
  2. Made to measure: We assess your team and develop a customised plan to target the training areas that will address your most pressing needs, to ensure quick and sustainable sales growth.
  3. The finest training tools: We use the world’s leading tool in sales team evaluations and sales candidate screening, ensuring our candidate assessments are accurate, predictive and sales-specific.
  4. Global benchmarking: We have evaluated over 2 million salespeople and over 30,000 companies across 200+ industries in 149 countries. We know what success looks like and can use our extensive data to benchmark your team.
  5. Measurable results: We work with you to develop measurable and meaningful KPIs, creating healthy accountability that enhances sales performance. We not only project the return of your sales training investment, we offer a 3x ROI guarantee - if you don't achieve an ROI of 300% from our services, we continue to provide coaching at no charge until you reach your 3x ROI target.

3x ROI guarantee

Who is this media sales training for?

At SLP we’ve worked with over 30,000 companies globally, helping organisations of all shapes and sizes, and catering our approach to the realities and needs of each. This means that all media businesses stand to benefit from an SLP media sales training program.

How is the media sales training delivered?

An SLP media sales training program can take one of three forms:

  1. Sales seminars: An SLP sales seminar is an in-person, interactive, multi-day training course that takes a deep dive into the world of media sales, building a foundation then upskilling your team.
  2. Sales webinars: The above seminar is also offered in a digital format, for teams who may be unable to meet in-person.
  3. Workshops: Often utilised as seminar refreshers or to meet a specific need, our workshops offer a more targeted and intensive training option.

What does our media sales training include?

SLP media sales training programs can cover a bespoke collection of topics, including:

  • Coaching, review and analysis
  • Strategy, pipeline and process
  • Media sales recruitment
  • Using your CRM to drive media sales growth
  • Negotiation skills
  • NLP media sales training
  • Virtual media sales training
  • Media sales funnel and templates
  • Media sales pitching and closing techniques

Why is media sales important?

Sales drive your business; they’re the fuel that pushes it forward. But while transactional sales dominate other industries, the world of media demands a more, consultative, hands-on approach. Your sales team therefore plays a critical role in explaining the importance, benefits and value of your services.

Choose the right Sales Training Partner

How can I succeed in media sales?

Success in media sales is about arming your team with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. But while media sales training is critical, it can be a resource-heavy exercise when attempted in-house. In fact, the time, money and effort required can turn it into a net negative. 

At SLP we take the weight of training off your shoulders, providing impactful education while also projecting the ROI of our services.

What are examples of social selling?

If you develop relationships as part of your sales process - and in media sales, you should - you engage in the practice of social selling. Social selling techniques include:

  • Sharing social media content.
  • Interacting directly with prospects and customers.
  • Tracking brand mentions and comments (social listening.)
  • Personal branding.

What is media buying in advertising?

Media buying is a simple-to-describe yet difficult-to-execute practice. It is about identifying and purchasing ad space that is relevant to your audience, at the perfect time, for the lowest price possible. There are a wealth of tools designed to help marketers and advertisers meet these goals, though you’ll also need a wealth of specialised knowledge and expertise to do it well.

What is the role of a media buyer?

Media buyers are tasked with negotiating advertising pricing. They are more common in the world of traditional advertising, as digital advertising tends to feature set rates and automated pricing systems.

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Are you ready to enhance the performance of your media sales team? At SLP we’re ready to help.

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