Sales Templates

Using sales templates to streamline your sales process

At SLP we’re passionate about helping you simplify your sales life, making things as streamlined and on task as they can be, so that you’re creating profit, and keeping it, through better time management. 

Part of our process over the years has been to develop a series of sales templates that we use as a standard foundation to work from with every client. It gives you a clear plan for different aspects of the sales process which we can then help you customise as part of our training sessions. 

You can also purchase these templates individually outside of SLP training to provide a starting point as you develop a sales process. 

Who would get the most value from our sales templates? 

We’ve found sales managers and team leaders get the most value out of the SLP templates. When you’re creating a sales process for a team below you, these are a solid starting point.

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Types of sales templates

  • Sales email outreach template
  • Sales funnel template
  • Sales pitch template
  • Sales follow up template
  • Sales presentation template
  • Sales forecasting template
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What to improve your sales templates?

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